This sequence of poems is loosely based on the structure and
         mood of Bach's great keyboard work, first published in 1741 as
         Keyboard exercise, consisting of an Aria with diverse variations
         for harpsichord with two manuals,
and later known as the
         Goldberg Variations, BWV 988. While writing, I particularly
         had in mind two individualistic interpretations of the Goldberg
Tatiana Nikolayeva's January 1992 piano recording
         (Hyperion Records), basing the architecture of individual poems
         and stanzas on her artistic decisions regarding tempo and
         repeats; and Jerome Robbins's 1971 ballet of the same name,
         which I saw performed by New York City Ballet first in 1995 and
         many times thereafter in subsequent seasons, and which
         provided me with the beginning threads of emotional content
         and theme as well as structure.

         In 2012, Kimiko Ishizaka created The Open Goldberg Variations
         project. Her goal was to create a new, beautiful and exciting
         interpretation, precise to Bach's instruction, yet full of personality
         and character, and further, to give it a life of its own so that it
         will be enjoyed by audiences for decades to come. She created
         the recording with a Creative Commons Zero license—which
         enables artists and other creators to place their work in the
         public domain, so that others may freely build upon, enhance
         and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under
         copyright law.

         On finishing my writing, I recorded the poems atop Ishizaka's
         recording. I am sincerely grateful for having her beautiful
         performance as a foundation upon which to build.

         The combined poem/piano recordings on this site are available
         for download here. Kimiko Ishizaka's original 2012 album of
         The Goldberg Variations is available here and on all major
         streaming platforms. Inquire here for a limited edition book
         of the poems.

         —David Zaza, New York, 2020


         Non-Figurative, Two-Shaped, Anti-Gravity Song: performed in
         The Kiss, a puppet play by Mark Fox and David Zaza, produced
         by Franklin Furnace, New York, New York, 1998.

         Variation: published in Coracle, Berkeley, California, 2002.

         Stretching: published in Ardor, Grey, Maine, 2013.

         The Lane: published in Squalorly, Michigan/Minnesota, 2015.

         Allusions to Grandeur and Daring: published in The Perch,
         New Haven,Connecticut, 2015.

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